Gear up for an adrenaline rush unlike any other with ActionFlight Aerobatics! Soar through the skies in the championship-winning Extra 330, guided by expert pilots. Feel the G-forces surge as you defy gravity with heart-stopping loops, dives, and rolls at over 400 kph. Book your gravity-defying flight with Thrillark now!

Key Highlights

  • Experience most extreme aerobatic experience globally. 
  • Highly qualified and experienced pilots ensure a thrilling yet safe adventure.
  • Buckle up in the Extra 330, the plane dominating World Aerobatic Championships and pioneering the Red Bull Air Race.
  • Experience mind-blowing maneuvers – rolls, climbs, and dives exceeding 400 kph.
  • Witness the stunning Ras Al Khaimah during your aerobatic adventure. 

About ActionFlight Aerobatic

Buckle up for the ultimate adrenaline rush with ActionFlight Aerobatics in Ras Al Khaimah! One of the best things to in Ras Al Khaimah, it throws you into the world of elite action thrills, unlike anything you'll find anywhere else.  Their team of highly experienced pilots, boasting unmatched qualifications, will be your guide through a heart-pounding aerobatic routine that will leave you breathless. 

Get ready to defy gravity as your expert pilot puts the Extra 330 – the World Champion's choice for unlimited category aerobatics – through its paces. In this very aircraft, the same type that pioneered the adrenaline-pumping Red Bull Air Race championship, you will fly through a series of mind-boggling maneuvers.  Imagine experiencing G-forces pushing you firmly against your seat as the plane rockets skyward at extreme climb rates, exceeding 400 kph.  Then, hold on tight as you plummet into gravity-defying dives followed by thrilling rolls that blur the landscapes around you. 

But the adventure doesn't stop there.  Soar high above the picturesque Ras Al Khaimah coastline, with its stunning beaches, luxurious resorts, and ocean stretching out beneath you.  As you perform loops and wingovers, you will also have a unique view of the majestic Hajar Mountains in the distance, their rugged peaks scraping the clouds.  This once-in-a-lifetime experience combines the thrill of high-performance aerobatics with the stunning beauty of the United Arab Emirates. 


  • Pick-up & transfer from all hotels within Ras Al Khaimah or our set pick-up location at Enoc Petrol Station, Al Hamra Mall.
  • A flight certificate signed by your pilot
  • Pilot briefing, flight suit, & helmet fitting
  • Approximately 20 mins experience, where you communicate with the pilot, tailoring your experience to your comfort level
  • Souvenir flight certificate
  • RAK Airport Entry Pass


  • Photos and videos - available on site through extra charge (AED 290 paid directly at the attraction).
  • Gratuities
  • Food & Beverage

Insiders' Tips

Listen to the safety briefing. The pilot will provide a safety briefing before the flight. It's important to listen carefully to these instructions. ActionFlight's flights are a safe and enjoyable way to experience Ras Al Khaimah from a whole new perspective.

Additional Information

  • Launch Site: RAK International Airport
  • IMPORTANT: Airport security pre-approval is required FOR ALL PASSENGERS. This means at the time of booking the following is required:
    • Passport
    • Passport-sized photo
    • Valid VISA, or UAE national ID
    • A working mobile phone number for the verification message.
  • All passengers must send a copy of their ID documents as stated above to after the booking is made.
  • All passengers must complete liability waiver document at the venue before the activity.
  • In case of any questions regarding the documentation please contact or call +971 58 550 9022.
  • No loose items are permitted in the aircraft (bags, phones, sunglasses etc).
  • Be aware of the maximum passenger height and weight limits.
    • Max height:1.93m/6’4”
    • Max. weight:110.0 kg/240 lbs
    • Aircraft carries only one passenger per flight.
  • Please be ready at your designated pickup point specified the time you have booked (hotel/ENOC).
  • Flight duration will be approximately 20 minutes.
  • Aerobatic flights are weather-dependent.
  • ActionFlight has the right to cancel operations due to unsuitable weather conditions.

Cancellation Policy

Free cancellation up to 36 hours before scheduled flight. No show is fully non-refundable.

ActionFlight Aerobatic Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of maneuvers will I experience during the flight?
ActionFlight offers a variety of aerobatic maneuvers during your flight, including loops, rolls, wingovers, and more. You can even discuss a custom flight plan with the pilot beforehand.
What type of aircraft is used?
ActionFlight uses the Extra 330, a world-champion winning aircraft specifically designed for advanced aerobatics. They claim it's the "Ferrari of the skies".
What's the altitude range for the flight?
The aerobatic experience takes off from RAK International Airport and flies between 2,000 and 6,000 feet, depending on air traffic control instructions.
What are the G-forces like?
The Extra 330 can handle high G-forces, both positive and negative, up to 10G. You can expect a face-pulling and thrilling experience!
What are the qualifications of the pilots?
ActionFlight emphasizes the experience of their pilots, calling them world-class. Safety is a priority, and we will ensure a thrilling yet comfortable flight for you.

Ratings & Reviews

Renata Ploska
Travelled March 2023

Quick and efficient, as usual. Thank you.

Péterffy-Baricska Emese
Travelled March 2023

Correct price, fast confirmation.

Travelled March 2023

Good discount and very easy purchase

Ursula Mansson
Travelled March 2023

Easy booking !

Renata Ploska
Travelled March 2023

Quick and sufficient, as usual. Thank you. Brgds,

ActionFlight Aerobatic

USD 661.5

Insiders’ Tips

Listen to the safety briefing. The pilot will provide a safety briefing before the flight. It's important to listen carefully to these instructions. ActionFlight's flights are a safe and enjoyable way to experience Ras Al Khaimah from a whole new perspective.