Welcome to Dubai Crocodile Park - the ultimate wildlife adventure! Recently opened, our attraction offers a delightful blend of excitement with shaded outdoor Park, mesmerising Crocodile Aquarium, and an enlightening Crocodile Museum. Prepare to observe these magnificent predators up close, experience interactive shows, and gain insights into conservation efforts. Ideal for families and wildlife enthusiasts alike! Dive into this extraordinary experience in Dubai's vibrant heart today!

Key Highlights

  • Home to 250 Nile Crocodiles, Dubai Crocodile Park offers a family-friendly experience.
  • Venture further into the heart of Crocodile Park, where you'll encounter our spacious and secure crocodile park.
  • Experience the mesmerising Crocodile Aquarium, marvel at these ancient predators.
  • Enjoy multiple dining outlets with a unique African vibe.at the park
  • Visit Dubai Crocodile Park today and create memories that will last a lifetime. Book your adventure now!

About Dubai Crocodile Park

Step into a world of wonder and awe at the newly opened Crocodile Park in Dubai - a must-visit attraction for things to do in Dubai. With its captivating features and family-friendly atmosphere, this immersive experience promises to delight visitors of all ages. Begin your journey by exploring the expansive Crocodile Park, where you can witness these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. As you stroll through the park's lush surroundings, you'll encounter the crocodiles, each adorned with their own distinctive patterns and features. Prepare to be astounded as you observe their powerful presence and witness their graceful movements. But the adventure doesn't stop there.Crocodile Park offers a 200-million-year journey through time at Crocodile Park's Natural History Museum. Unravel the secrets of ancient crocodiles and gain a profound understanding of their evolutionary journey. As you explore the African lake-themed aquarium, be mesmerised by the aquatic wonders and marvel at the intricate ecosystem these creatures call home. For an even more immersive encounter, make your way to the crocodile aquarium. Marvel at their captivating movements as they glide effortlessly through the water, showcasing their inherent adaptability. Families can enjoy the thrill of witnessing crocodile babies, marvelling at their tiny yet incredibly resilient nature. Children can embark on educational trips where they'll have the chance to learn about these magnificent creatures from knowledgeable guides who are passionate about conservation. Stimulating and educational activities make this destination an ideal choice for young minds in search of adventure and knowledge.Savour delectable dishes in the sophisticated Okavango Room, where refined dining meets the essence of the savanna. The Curio Shop awaits, offering genuine handcrafted African artefacts to take home as a memento of this incredible experience.

With its family-friendly environment, the Crocodile Park is the perfect destination for a fun-filled day out. From exploring the park to learning about crocodile history in the museum and engaging with crocodile babies, this attraction offers an all-encompassing experience that caters to every member of the family. Don't miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of crocodiles at the newly opened Crocodile Park in Dubai. It's a chance to create lifelong memories while gaining a deeper appreciation for these remarkable creatures. Visit us today and embark on an adventure that will leave you with a newfound understanding of the incredible diversity of nature. Enjoy multiple dining and retail outlets with a unique African vibe, making your visit an unforgettable one.


  • Entry Tickets to Dubai Crocodile Park
  • Access to Park journey
  • Access to Crocodile Museum
  • Access to Crocodile Aquarium


  • Other expenses not mentioned
  • Meals and Beverages
  • Transportation

Insiders' Tips

If you're visiting with kids, check out the children's activities and educational programs tailored for young minds. It's a great way to engage them and make the visit educational and fun.

Additional Information

  • Children below 3 years can enter free of charge
  • The timing of the Operational Park is currently from 10am to 8pm until the end of the summer.
  • Please note the possibility of time changing to 10am to 10pm in October
  • We'll keep you informed and updated on any changes.
  • Crocodile feeding show will be available on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 6 pm.

Cancellation Policy

These tickets can't be cancelled.

Dubai Crocodile Park  Frequently Asked Questions

What to Expect in the Dubai Crocodile Park?
The Dubai Crocodile Park offers an immersive environment to marvel at over 250 freshwater Nile crocodiles. It features a museum, a lake-themed aquarium, and outdoor landscaped areas.
What are the Things to do in the Dubai Crocodile Park?
Visitors can marvel at the majestic crocodiles, explore the museum, enjoy the lake-themed aquarium, and stroll through the outdoor landscaped areas.
How to Reach the Dubai Crocodile Park?
The Dubai Crocodile Park is located on Tripoli Street, Mushrif, Dubai, UAE, and can be reached by booking online or at the gate. It is easily accessible via public and private transportation.
What is the Ticket Price for Dubai Crocodile Park?
The Ticket Price for Dubai Crocodile Park would be around AED 84 per person.
What is the best time to visit Crocodile Park at Dubai?
The Dubai Crocodile Park is open from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM every day, offering an unforgettable experience with the crocodiles. The best time to visit is during its opening hours.
How Thrillark can help with the Dubai Crocodile Park?
Thrillark offers convenient booking for Dubai Crocodile Park tickets, allowing visitors to secure their entry and explore this thrilling destination.

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Dubai Crocodile Park

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Insiders’ Tips

If you're visiting with kids, check out the children's activities and educational programs tailored for young minds. It's a great way to engage them and make the visit educational and fun.