Take a Trip with us to The Legend of Siam in Pattaya where Legend meets culture, cuisine, and craftmanship! Explore traditional villages, enjoy vibrant cultural shows, and experience an authentic floating market. With stunning architecture and immersive exhibits, it offers a fascinating glimpse into Thailand's rich heritage and folklore making it a perfect destination to travel with your loved ones and/or your travel buddies.

Key Highlights

  • It offers a deep dive into Thailand’s rich history and vibrant culture through meticulously recreated traditional villages, life-sized statues, and interactive exhibits.
  • Witness breathtaking performances that showcase Thai mythology, martial arts, and folk dances, bringing the spirit of ancient Siam to life.
  • Explore an authentic floating market that replicates the bustling trade of old Siam, where you can sample local delicacies and shop for traditional Thai crafts.
  • Visit the park’s spiritual zones featuring iconic religious sites, offering a serene environment for meditation and understanding Thai Buddhism.
  • During sunset, the park transforms with beautiful lighting, making the evening a magical time to experience the attractions and capture stunning photos.

About Legend Siam Park in Pattaya

Ever heard of The Legend Siam Pattaya!? Do you know that this sprawling cultural theme park is designed to immerse you in the richness of Thai heritage and folklore? It takes you to a haven that mirrors ancient Siam with its majestic architecture and serene landscapes. You can wander through the park, each path leads to different eras and regions of Thailand. Interesting much? There is more to this place than the eye meets. You explore traditional villages, each carefully crafted to represent the unique cultures of various Thai communities. Artisans in period attire demonstrate ancient crafts, from silk weaving to pottery, offering you not only a glimpse but also hands-on experiences. The heart of your visit might be the vibrant cultural shows. Talented performers, adorned in colorful, intricate costumes, enact scenes from Thai mythology and history, complete with dramatic music and dance that captivate your senses. If not this, what is going to make you go Awe! The martial arts demonstrations are particularly thrilling, showcasing skill and precision that leave you on the edge of your seat. Are you into Thai cuisine!? You sample authentic Thai street food, like spicy som tam (papaya salad) and sweet mango sticky rice, each bite a burst of local flavors. As dusk falls, the park illuminates. Lights artfully placed enhance the beauty of traditional Thai architecture, making the temples and shrines glow against the twilight sky. The atmosphere is ethereal and pristine, wrapping you in a warm embrace of history and mystery.
Don’t just read my words, Go experience it! Your day at Legend Siam is more than just a visit to a theme park; it’s a journey through the heart of Thailand's storied past, filled with learning, entertainment, and awe-inspiring moments. As you leave- which we bet you wouldn’t want to, the echoes of ancient Siam linger, inviting you to return and explore the legends once more. So, what’s the wait, book your ticket from Thrillark!


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Insiders' Tips

For the best experience at Legend Siam Pattaya, plan your visit around the evening. The park's lighting is especially enchanting at night, making the cultural shows and architecture visually spectacular and perfect for memorable photographs.

Additional Information

  • Wheelchair is accessible.
  • Stroller is accessible.
  • Transportation and surfaces are wheelchair accessible.
  • vehicles are regularly sanitized.
  • Guidelines issued by the respective state government are to be followed. Social distancing is to be maintained. Frequent hand sanitization and the use of masks are recommended.
  • All foreign nationals must share their passport and visa details at the time of booking, and also upon arrival.
  • ID proof is mandatory for each guest at the time of booking, and also upon arrival. A PAN card will not be considered a valid address proof.
  • Guests will go through a mandatory temperature check before entering the premises.
  • Children between the height of 90-139cm will be charged on a child price basis.
  • Individuals above the height of 140cm will be considered adults.

Things To Carry for Legend Siam Pattaya Tickets
  • Caps
  • Walking shoes
  • Water bottle

Cancellation Policy

Cancellable and Refundable

Free cancellation if cancel at least 24 hours before visit date by send email to support@globaltix.com, less than 24 hours cancellation and No-show full charge 100%

Legend Siam Park in Pattaya Frequently Asked Questions

What are the opening hours of Legend Siam?
Legend Siam is generally open from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.
Where is Legend Siam located?
Legend Siam is located on Sukhumvit Road, Na Chom Thian, Sattahip District, Chon Buri, Thailand.
What types of attractions are available at Legend Siam?
Legend Siam features themed zones highlighting different aspects of Thai culture and history, including traditional performances, cultural exhibitions, and themed rides.
Are there dining options available within the park?
Yes, the park offers a variety of dining options, from street food stalls to sit-down restaurants, featuring authentic Thai cuisine and international dishes.
What should I wear when visiting Legend Siam?
Comfortable clothing and footwear are recommended while visiting. Since it is a cultural theme park, modest attire is appreciated, especially if you plan to visit any religious exhibits.

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Legend Siam Park in Pattaya

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Insiders’ Tips

For the best experience at Legend Siam Pattaya, plan your visit around the evening. The park's lighting is especially enchanting at night, making the cultural shows and architecture visually spectacular and perfect for memorable photographs.