Embark on a mind-blowing journey into science at Tech Dome Penang! A futuristic haven for curious minds awaits in George Town. With interactive exhibits and diverse zones, your kids dive deep into tech and science marvels. Book your tickets now on Thrillark for an adventure-packed learning experience that sparks imagination and knowledge!

Key Highlights

  • Dive into tech wonders in this unique hub of learning.
  • Explore high-tech galleries and exhibits with your family.
  • Spark creativity in kids with the fusion of science and technology.
  • Discover the exploration zone for fun-filled scientific activities.
  • Immerse yourself in sessions like Force & Motion, Life Tech, and Electromagnetism within the gallery section.
  • Explore with Thrillark and spark a tech-filled adventure!

About Tech Dome Penang Entry Ticket

Picture yourself at Tech Dome Penang, the brainchild of Penang's state government, standing tall near George Town's UNESCO Heritage Site. This isn't your run-of-the-mill museum; it's an adventure zone dripping with technological marvels! This place isn't just for science buffs; it's for anyone with a spark of curiosity. Imagine delving into Life Tech—learning about your body's secrets, from nutrients to supercool medical gadgets. Or how about forces and motion? Forget snooze-inducing lectures; here, you'll experience Newton's laws like never before! Have you ever seen sparks fly?
Electromagnetism will give you a show that'll make science seem like magic. But it's not all about serious stuff. Robotics lets you tinker with robots, giving you a glimpse into their brains (or circuits, should I say). Information technology isn't as boring as it sounds; it's where the humble sand becomes a superstar, powering our modern-day gadgets! Oh, and let's not forget optics! Have you ever pondered the secrets of light? This zone will unravel them, showing how different lights change our perception and why energy-efficient lighting is a game-changer.
What's unique about Tech Dome Penang is that it's not just informative—it's a playground! And guess what? It's a must-try among things to do in Kuala Lumpur. Families, students, tech geeks, and curious minds—everyone's welcome! So, dive into the world of technology at Tech Dome Penang! And here's a tip: Book your thrilling journey through Thrillark, where the adventure begins! Gear up for an educational escapade that's as fun as it's informative!


  • Entry Ticket to Tech Dome Penang


  • Personal Expenses
  • Anything not mentioned in the inclusions

Insiders' Tips

Tech Dome Penang is the go-to spot for all events! Whether it's a birthday bash, a science camp, or team building, get ready for loads of fun and science learning galore!

Additional Information

  • Tech Dome Penang Opening Hours - (Monday-Thursday) -10:00-19:00 (Friday-Sunday) -12:00-19:00 Last admission: 18:00
  • All guests must present identification upon arrival.
  • Foreign nationals need to provide passport and visa details.
  • Storage facilities are available onsite for an extra fee.
  • Children aged between 0 and 4 can enter for free.
  • Children aged 13 and above will be charged the adult price.
  • Foreigners with valid work permits or under the MM2H programme can access special pricing. Casual attire is suggested inside the tech dome penang.
  • Tech Dome Penang is wheelchair accessible, with dedicated facilities like accessible toilets and elevators for the mezzanine floor.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellable and Refundable

Tech Dome Penang Entry Ticket Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any age restrictions to visit Tech Dome Penang?
No, Tech Dome Penang is suitable for visitors of all ages.
Is there a dress code for visiting Tech Dome Penang?
There is no specific dress code, but comfortable clothing and footwear are recommended for an enjoyable experience.
Is Tech Dome Penang wheelchair accessible?
Yes, Tech Dome Penang is wheelchair friendly with facilities catering to guests with special needs.
Are food and drinks allowed inside Tech Dome Penang ?
Outside food and drinks are not permitted inside Tech Dome Penang, but there are food outlets available within the premises.
What are the operating hours of Tech Dome Penang?
Tech Dome Penang operates from 10:00 to 19:00 on Monday to Thursday and 12:00 to 19:00 on Friday to Sunday.

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Tech Dome Penang Entry Ticket

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Insiders’ Tips

Tech Dome Penang is the go-to spot for all events! Whether it's a birthday bash, a science camp, or team building, get ready for loads of fun and science learning galore!