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If you are someone who loves to travel and has travelled across miles, take a single step and get on board to share your tales with the world.
Here are a few things to keep in mind before hitting the send button!
Want to be heard? We’re interested in your stories and looking for travel storytellers from around the globe to share their stories. Whether, you are a writer, avid traveller, backpacker, or photographer, as long as you have an inspiring story to tell, we would love to hear from you! If you call yourself a storyteller or simply love to write and inspire others, this is your chance. It’s you who can help and motivate fellow mates to get out and explore the world. Travelling solo or in groups, or as couples or with family, let your experiences be a fair guide to the ones willing to discover life through travelling. In fact, guess what? Invite your friends over here too. The more travel stories, the merrier to quench the wanderlust souls.
Know that the world is hungry for travel stories! Our blog theme revolves around inspiring and informative content in different forms we know that our readers love to read. We focus on everything from tours to day trips, to attractions and activities across beautiful destinations we are present in, all the way from Dubai to London. So, we are looking for articles that are descriptive and interesting to guide our readers to explore the world. Stories that include tricks & tips, hacks, personal experiences, anecdotes are most welcome!
☑️ Here’s a quick checklist to give you a head start on your writing:
  • You can share unique, off-the-beaten-path travel experiences that make your piece stand out
  • Listicles on the top destinations and tips
  • Topics on wildlife, luxury travel, solo travelling and more
  • If you’re a foodie, articles on local delicacies and exotic food will be good
  • Techie? Best travel photography apps, or even share brief content and images of your travel with family or friends for a photoblog
  • Unusual travel experiences
  • Personal experiences, lessons, pros and cons etc
  • Anything that will make the audience come back for more 🙂
In order for us to publish your content, your article must meet the following publishing requirements:
  • We accept enriching content between 500 words to 1,500 words
  • The content must be helpful and informative. Feel free to add a sense of humour as long as it is respectful
  • The content must be from your own travel experiences
  • The content should be original and not plagiarized by any means
  • Ensure Thrillark is present in the destination you want to write about
  • To accompany your piece, send us the best photos/videos to go along the article (image must be 300 dpi / 1MB and videos must be XXX)
  • The content tone must be simple, crisp and casual. Use recent and sourced examples to illustrate all the points if you are stating facts and examples
  • Please do not use stock images
There are always benefits to share travel stories and empower others! When you return from a trip, don’t stop blogging! Our platform gives you the opportunity and is a great way to reach a wide audience, and connect with like-minded people you may not otherwise interact with. We want to build a travel community; helping travellers across the world with quick and easy travel solutions, and we can’t do this without your support! This is also a fantastic starting point if you want to become a blogger with compelling narratives that make people wanting more from your content. Yes, your articles will be published by Thrillark with your byline, bio & picture 🙂 Not just this, you also get to use and brag about the special discounts on our platform if you book any activities through Thrillark’s website.

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