The Allure of the Serpent: Exploring the Snake Gorge in Wadi Bani Awf

Delna Shobi

April 18, 2024

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Have you ever heard of the Snake Gorge in Wadi Bani Awf? It is one of the astounding natural wonders. The canyon walls and serpentine path look stunning! It is said that the perfect serpentine path was caused by water erosion formed over thousands of years. This place should be on every nature enthusiast’s must-visit list.

This natural wonder is a mixture of both mystery and beauty. The twists and turns of the trial path resemble a snake. Notable. In this blog, you will know the location, things to do, safety considerations, the right time to visit, and what’s unique about the Snake Gorge!

Where is Snake Gorge located?

Snake Gorge is located in Oman. Specifically, the natural wonder is found in the Hajar Mountains within the Wadi Bani Awf region. You can travel to Wadi Bani from both Al Dakhiliyah and Al Batinah. If you travel from Muscat, you must travel 150 km more to reach the destination.

The approximate duration is 2.15 minutes if you are travelling without any breaks. If your chosen path is from Muscat, you must drive through the Nakhal and reach Al Rustaq first. Then, cross the Al Awabi village and drive into the Wadi Bani Awf. Travel another 20 kilometres to reach the Snake Canyon – Al Zamah village exit. From this village, you will have to travel six more kilometres to reach the entrance of the Right Fork of the Snake Gorge.

What is special about Snake Gorge?

The adrenaline rush stays the same for people who have heard of the Snake Gorge wonder. But, if you are a person who ddoesn’tknow about this astounding place, get to know why Snake Gorge is unique and a must-visit in Oman:

  • The beautiful scenes: Water pools, waterfalls, and distinct varieties of flora and fauna are seen near the Snake Gorge, making it a more likeable place for tourists.
  • It’s an adventure time: If you love adventure, this place is definitely for you. The environment itself gives people an exciting feel with the rugged surroundings.
  • The shape! The Snake Gorge has a fantastic serpentine-shaped path that adds to the mystery of this place.
  • Cultural justifications! You can spot many traditional villages and community people living a beautiful cultural routine!
  • The challenging terrain: If you like hiking, there are many trails that present immense challenges for hikers.

Things to do while traveling to Snake Gorge

Your trip to the Snake Canyon includes a lot of adventure alongside. This might consist of trekking, jumping into the pool, abseiling, sliding, and doing many adventurous activities to reach the destination and cherish the views! The path is not always smooth; you will find a lot of slippery and dangerous roads. This is why the guides recommend wearing hiking and trekking boots or shoes.

The path’s width may vary from 2 feet to 30 feet. While walking in the canyon, you will also find a 200-foot-long pool. There are two popular routes to the Snake Gorge:The Right fork and the Left Fork.

The “Right Fork” Snake Canyon

The Right Fork, Snake Canyon route, is the most famous route to choose. This route has all kinds of adventures like gliding, swimming, trekking, etc. If you choose this route, first, you will have to jump into a pool from a 5-6 meter high cliff. You will reach the next phase of travel only after finishing the entire swim. If you are not ready for a one-way swim, you can choose the alternative – abseiling down the stretch. Once done, you must walk for quite some distance, cross more pools and swim. Next, you must use your ropes and abseil down a path. You will spot a fantastic cave of limestones! The whole hike-swim will take a minimum of 4 – 6 hours.

The “Left Fork” Snake Canyon

The Left Fork Snake Canyon is another route to travel to the Snake Gorge. But, it is unlike the right fork Snake Canyon route. The distance to be covered will be less when compared, and there are few adventures to experience. One of the main reasons why people choose this easy route is if they are not interested in abseiling. On the other hand, since the pool levels have decreased, it will be shallower compared to the other route. Also, the pool water is less transparent since it has murky water. The left fork Snake Canyon route is not a zero adventure route. It involves some adventures, like jumping cliffs on a one-way path. You will land in the Al Zamah village at the end of the cliff jumpings. From here, you must travel for 2-3 hours to reach the main Snake Canyon route.

Safety Considerations while traveling to the Snake Gorge

If you think that the Snake Gorge is just another adventurous place you can travel to, you are wrong. This particular place needs additional safety considerations to be kept in one’s mind. There are risks and dangers prevailing in this place like slippery rocks, shallow pools, flash floods and very big cliffs. Make sure you are aware of the basic safety considerations while travelling to Snake Gorge:

  • Be aware of the flash flood warning
  • Have a note of the weather forecasts
  • Make sure you have a detailed map of the path with updated information on the water level
  • Pack mandatory things like gloves, ropes, helmets, life jackets, etc.
  • Always have a professional guide by your side.

When is the right time to visit Snake Gorge?

Visiting the Snake Gorge can be categorized based on your preferences.

  • Summer – If you are planning on travelling to the Snake Gorge from May to September, know that you are in for a very hot summer trip. The scorching heat is not much recommended for a trip here. It in turn makes outdoor activities and hiking very dangerous and challenging.
  • Winter and Spring – Traveling around October to April is preferable, temperature-wise. Hiking and exploring outdoor activities can be less dangerous and challenging. The overall weather will be average, making the evenings cooler and pleasant.

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How long is Snake Canyon in Oman?

The Snake Canyon in Oman is 2-30 feet wide.


What are all the adventurous activities?

While travelling through the Snake Gorg, you will experience many adventure activities, such as pool swimming, abseiling, cliff jumping, and more.


How many possible routes are there?

Travelling to the Snake Gorge includes two possible routes: the right fork of Snake Canyon and the left fork of Snake Canyon.


How long will it take to reach the Snake Gorge in Oman?

The approximate time to reach the Snake Gorge is 4-6 hours.


What are all the mandatory things to pack for this trip?

Pack your water bottles, trekking and hiking shoes, snacks, first aid kits, sunscreen and insect repellent.

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