Dubai Welcomes a State of the Art Library for the Bookworms- The Mohammed Bin Rashid Library


October 28, 2022

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Mohammed bin Rashid Library, a world of fantasy and a treasure trove of knowledge, grandly opened its doors to the public on  June 16, 2022, the newest library in Dubai.  Vice President and Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid officially launched this huge project. This massive bibliotheca is located in Al Jaddaf on the banks of Dubai Creek, has nine thematic libraries, and is spread out across seven levels and a huge 54,000 square meters of space. The museum, which has nine libraries with unique themes within them, is shaped like a book stand. The library also contains a conference room, a museum, a gift shop, a two-story café, an outdoor and indoor amphitheater, and more. The Mohammed bin Rashid Library, which cost AED 1 billion to construct, joins Sharjah’s House of Wisdom in laying the groundwork for Dubai’s next generation of libraries. It has 1.1 million books in 30 languages. How to purchase Mohammed Bin Rashid library tickets?

 Although there won’t be an admission fee for the Library, patrons who wish to borrow books will need to purchase memberships. From Monday through Saturday, the library is open from nine in the morning until nine at night. You can also reserve your slots online through the library’s app. Free parking is available at the library. The Al Jaddaf metro point will be reached via a walkway that is currently being constructed and will be entirely shaded.

Library Setup:

The library has a 54,000 square meter floor size, an utterly opulent style, and an antique charm. The library’s foyer is fairly roomy and tastefully decorated. The huge bookcases will catch your notice as soon as you walk in. Numerous books, including some rare volumes, are available at the library. All of the books in this collection are arranged numerically and further grouped into genres to make it simple for you to find what you’re looking for. This library’s braille-written section specifically for visually impaired children is a plus. Additionally, there is a sensor-equipped pod for autistic kids in this section. Two libraries, one for arts and media and the other for atlases and maps, are located on the first level. The sixth floor houses the emirates section, which has more than 37,000 books in numerous languages that provide information on the United Arab Emirates.



ACG Architecture Consulting Group collaborated with Munich’s Obermeyer Group to create this uniquely shaped Library. The building was designed to resemble a Rehal, a traditional wooden book rest used to support the Holy Quran as it was being recited. This Library in Dubai is the pinnacle of innovation and sustainability. The library is environmentally friendly and receives 10% of its energy from solar panels mounted on the building’s roof. Its unique design helps to control the inner environment of the building and insulates the interiors from heat. In addition, the ceiling windows let in natural light, which lowers the amount of electricity used and allows for water recycling to cut water consumption in half. The enormous seven-story library contains more than a million printed and digital books in Arabic and other languages, more than six million research dissertations, approximately 73,000 musical scores, 75,000 videos, nearly 13,000 articles, 500 rare acquisitions, more than 5000 printed and digital historical periodicals that chart several years of history, and approximately 35,000 printed and digital newspapers from around the world.

Types of libraries in the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

Nine libraries make up the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Library Al Jaddaf, each of which has a special collection of resources geared at a certain audience.

The General Library:

It is the place to go for well-known novels and non-fiction books on subjects including history, health and science, technology, education, and more. It has more than 100,000 titles.

The Emirate Library:

The history and culture of the UAE are well represented there in a variety of languages and genres. It offers everything in between, including priceless collections of national photographs and publications authored by locals and citizens.

The Young Adults Library:

Youngsters of all ages and interests are catered to in this part of the Mohammed bin Rashid Library. The younger generation is drawn to this genre, which includes Captain Majid, manga, and anime, as well as books on business, economics, and literature.

The Children’s Library:

It divides kids of different ages into categories with an engaging play area that is vibrant with 17,000 titles. The children can explore and enjoy the board books, picture books, and other materials in the library.

Private Collections Library:

What about this stuff makes it so exclusive, then? This, however, contains unique books, manuscripts, and documents from the thirteenth century. This section also contains early translations of the Holy Quran. Here you will also find Miguel de Cervantes’s very first publication. Rare books on world history, and notably Egyptian history, are available. The Description de L’ Egypte is also available. Exclusive permission is required to access the library.

The Map and Atlases Library:

With unique maps and atlases from all over the world, this library, which is on the first level, is for geography enthusiasts.

Media and Arts Library:

The media and art resources included in this section of the Mohammed bin Rashid Library cover a wide range of subjects, including DIY, music, film, architecture, design, the history of art, and more. Theater performances, documentaries, and independent films are shown in a compact, four-seat media room.

Business Library:

Separate study areas are available in this part, which is devoted to businesses, entrepreneurship, economics, accounting, and management.

Periodical Library:

An exceptional collection of English- and Arabic-language periodicals from the 1950s is housed in this area of the Mohammed bin Rashid Library.


The library has an art gallery in addition to hosting numerous cultural events each year. There is also a civilization museum and a heritage museum plus a 500-seat theater that can be used for conferences and presentations. Modern technology is also available at the library to support effective research. So, this is the place for you if you are seeking knowledge. A number of upcoming events at the library will feature a number of renowned authors from around the globe.


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    2801, Mazata Business Avenue BB2,
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