Oasiria Water Paradise: An Oasis of Fun and Excitement in Marrakech

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April 12, 2024

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It is the fourth largest city of Morocco and is located on the western foothills of Mount Atlas. Marrakech is recognized as one of the top 10 best destinations of the World. It is also called the “Red City” of Morocco. Marrakech is known for its palm groove, amusement parks, mountains, and sunsets.

Oasiria Water Paradise

Oasiria is Morocco’s first water theme park. It is located in the beautiful foothill city of Marrakech. The sensational oasis contains 10 hectares of lush green palm-shaded gardens, 8 different swimming pools, a mind-blowing waterpark, 5 restaurants and many more. Every year a lot of visitors visit this water paradise and enjoy it to their fullest.

Attractions in Oasiria

Oasiria resort is located in the red city centre. This resort has plenty of attractions in it. It can be treated as a vacation destination as well as space for outdoor business meetings. This venue is mostly utilised by the tourists as a one-day destination. Few tourists visit this oasis only for their delicious food. Let us quickly look through the attractions available in Oasiria. Thrillark offers tailor-made events that can adapt to everyone’s requirements.

Fun with Water

There are numerous water games and activities available for both kids and adults. Here are a few of them. All of these water games are strictly supervised by experts. No person will be allowed inside the water zone without safety and precautionary measures. Oasiria management is very diligent in security related things.

  • Wave Pool [The largest wave pool in Africa]
  • Quiet Rio
  • The Spilling Bucket
  • Heated outdoor Swimming Pool
  • Kids Club
  • Pirate lagoon
  • Mini Slides
  • Club of sailors
  • Cobra slides
  • Suicide Bomber slide and lots more.

Oasiria offers a 25-metre semi-Olympic swimming pool. This pool is covered and can be heated during the cold winters. Clubs within the resort offer season passes for kids to learn swimming. The club invites all levels of kids [Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced] for their seasonal training program. These programs are supervised by professional trainers, lifeguards and coaches.

Outdoor Business Meetings and Events

This water paradise is also hired and occupied by corporate people for their team-building activities and parties, product launches, exhibitions, seminars and conferences, business meetings, lunches and dinners, musical concerts, fashion shows and many more.

Educational institutions in and around the town occupy this space to conduct Sports competitions and tournaments. A 700-seater capacity amphitheatre is utilised for such activities.

Family Vacation

Many families book this paradise for their private weddings and birthday events. Apart from these, this oasis contains 23 hill-view bungalows. Every bungalow is elegant and designed with a lot of traditional craft works. The 10 hectares of green lush gardens, mountain view, climate, ambience and traditional food give an exotic heaven feel.

Lanterns are used to light this beautiful widespread oasis. It gives us a sense of luxury. The furniture used in the bungalows is original wood, and they have a breathtaking finish. Apart from the water park, small lagoons, ponds and rivers running through the resort are available. The resort management offers many outdoor activities in such an environment. A World-class equipped gym with a Jacuzzi is present for visitors to use.

Visiting Time

The park is open to visitors from May till October. During this period, Oasiria Resort runs a free shuttle service for the public to visit from common pickup points [Jemaa El Fnaa and Gueliz].

Benefits / Services offered

Free Benefits

  • Tourist information office
    • Every here and there has this tourist information office to guide the visitors and help with navigation.
  • Cloakrooms
    • Cloakrooms are available within the resort. It also has a locker facility. Visitors can safeguard their valuables.
  • Showers
    • There are eight swimming pools and many water games available throughout. After swimming, every individual can take a hot water shower.
  • Infirmary
    • It is necessary to have an Infirmary in such a big venue. Nobody knows when there could be an emergency. To safeguard the lives of the visitors, a well-equipped Infirmary is available within the Premises.
    • Sunburn remedies and Treatment for minor ailments are done in the in-house Infirmary by professional doctors.
  • Access for people with reduced mobility
    • There are options for people with reduced mobility. Dedicated staff members are there to take care of the specially needed visitors.
  • Lifeguards
    • A qualified team of lifeguards is always available near sliding slope activities and shallow pools. Oasiria Resort primarily focuses on the safety and security of the visitors.

Paid Benefits

  • PADEL Turf
    • Padel is a new sport that emerged by fusing Tennis, Squash, Badminton and Ping-Pong.
    • It is one of the easy-to-learn racket sports.
    • Oasiria has a dedicated turf for the visitors to practise and play Padel.
    • This turf is open every day from 8 AM till 8 PM.
  • Oasiria School
    • It is a dedicated open school where kids can learn circus techniques, gymnastics, acrobatics, and juggling.
    • Children aged 4 to 12 can join this school to learn these techniques.
    • Every Wednesday and Saturday, a dedicated 3-hour slot is given for the kids to learn.
    • Qualified, experienced and certified instructors teach these techniques to kids.
  • Cabanas
    • Guests can enjoy private cabanas with a small additional payment.
  • The Boutique
    • All necessary things, such as water sports, cosmetic products like sunscreen lotions, books and magazines, and all essentials, are available within the premises at your fingertips.
  • Massage Spa
    • A spa run by qualified professionals is available at the resort.


Oasiria has a variety of multi-cuisine restaurants within the resort premises. The visitors can order the required food on an A La Carte basis and enjoy their delicious meal.

The Garden and Cabanas

  • It is a low-cost seasonal cuisine that allows customers to enjoy their meals in a natural ambience. You can enjoy a yummy meal near the pool, in the middle of lush green gardens, or anywhere on the premises.
  • You can get delicious grilled pasta and pizza at this restaurant.

Blue Lagoon

  • Blue Lagoon is a fresh food and fast food centre.
  • Visitors will have a mesmerising view of Atlas Mountain and Africa’s largest wave pool from their terrace.
  • This restaurant is known for its Oasiria burger.

Cafe Ola

  • It is a cafe dedicated to drinks.
  • It is a small beach bar next to the swimming pools.
  • Kids get delicious fresh ice creams to satisfy their taste buds.

Le Petite Cafe

  • Visitors get to eat the region’s best cuisine at Le Petit Cafe.
  • This cafe has a wide variety of menus to choose from.


Can we carry pets? Is the location pet-friendly?

No, the location is not pet-friendly.


Can I bring my food?

No, the venue doesn’t allow outside food. The venue has good multi-cuisine restaurants within the premises. You can also request Cabanas and have food privately.


Is it possible to arrange private events in the resort?

Yes, it is possible to arrange private events in the resort. Thrillark can help you in event management.


How many attractions are there in the resort?

There are more than 20 attractions in the resort. With one single entrance ticket, you can enjoy all 20 attractions. Thrillark can help you in getting “Skip-the-Line” e-tickets.


Can we get a discount on the ticket price for 25 members?

Yes, we can get concessions for group travellers. The minimum number of members required for a concession is 20.


What is the season pass?

The season pass is a special pass provided by the resort to enjoy discounted benefits throughout the season.


Can I park my vehicle secured on the premises?

Yes, Oasiria has a parking facility. It is free for its visitors.

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