Sipping Stories: Egg Coffee Adventures in Hanoi

Ananthu Syam

March 31, 2024

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A trip to the Vietnamese city of Hanoi is always a special affair. In this rustic old city, the intoxicating aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air, and the streets buzz with the energy of daily life. And if you are looking for things to do while in the city, in the middle of this bustling metropolis lies a hidden gem of Vietnamese culture: egg coffee. Read on to find more about Hanoi’s bustling cafe scene as we dive into the origins, flavours, and cultural significance of the city’s beloved beverage.

The Origins Of Egg Coffee

Egg coffee, or cà phê trứng, is proof of the creativity and resourcefulness of the Vietnamese people. Its origins can be traced back to the 1940s, during the French colonial period, when milk was scarce and expensive. Faced with this challenge, Nguyen Van Giang, a bartender at Cafe Giang in Hanoi, came up with a brilliant solution: he combined whisked egg yolks with condensed milk and strong Vietnamese coffee to create a creamy, tasty drink that would soon capture the hearts of locals and travellers alike.

Hanoi's Coffee Culture

Hanoi’s coffee culture is as unique and diverse as the city itself, offering a selection of cafes and coffee shops to suit every taste and preference. From traditional Vietnamese cafes adorned with wooden furniture and vintage decor to modern cafes with sleek interiors and rooftop views, there’s no shortage of places to enjoy a cup of egg coffee. Whether you’re seeking a cozy spot to ruffle over a book or a lively atmosphere to catch up with friends, Hanoi’s cafe scene has something for everyone.

Egg Coffee Adventures

The moment you take your first sip of egg coffee, you’ll understand why it has become a beloved staple of Vietnamese cuisine. The velvety-smooth texture of the egg foam blends perfectly with the rich, bold flavour of Vietnamese coffee, creating a one-of-a-kind treat for the senses. Whether enjoyed hot or cold, each sip is a delightful mouthful of flavour and aroma that will leave you wanting more.

Hanoi's Egg Coffee Hotspots

While egg coffee can be found at cafes throughout Hanoi, there are a few establishments that have earned a reputation for serving the best in town. Cafe Giang, the birthplace of egg coffee, continues to attract visitors with its authentic recipe and cozy ambiance. For a modern twist on tradition, head to Cafe Dinh, where you can sample innovative variations of egg coffee infused with flavours like coconut and matcha. And for those willing to explore off the beaten path, there are many cozy cafes in Hanoi’s lesser-known neighborhoods, offering unique interpretations of this beloved beverage.

The Local Culture

Beyond its culinary delights, Hanoi also offers a collection of cultural experiences waiting to be enjoy. Take some time to roam through the historic streets of the Old Quarter, where ancient temples and pagodas stand alongside bustling markets and busy street vendors. Talk with locals as you move through traditional craft villages and artisan workshops to know more about the rich history of Vietnamese culture and heritage.


Whether you’re a coffee addict or simply seeking to enjoy yourself in the local lifestyle, egg coffee offers a unique glimpse into the soul of Hanoi, inviting you to enjoy each moment and create memories that will last a lifetime. So why not grab a cup, settle in, and let the stories of Hanoi unfold before you, one sip at a time?

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What exactly is egg coffee, and what does it taste like?
Egg coffee is a unique Vietnamese beverage made by whisking together egg yolks, condensed milk, and strong Vietnamese coffee. The result is a creamy, tasty drink with a rich, bold flavour that is both sweet and mouth watering.


Where can I find the best egg coffee in Hanoi?
While egg coffee can be found at cafes throughout Hanoi, some of the best-known cafes include Cafe Giang, Cafe Dinh, and  some other lesser know ones in the city’s lesser-known neighborhoods.


Is egg coffee served hot or cold?
Egg coffee can be enjoyed hot or cold, depending on personal preference. Both variations offer a delightful combination of flavours and textures that are sure to satisfy your taste buds.


Can I learn how to make egg coffee myself?
Absolutely! Many cafes in Hanoi offer hands-on workshops where you can learn the art of making egg coffee from skilled baristas. Alternatively, you can find recipes online and try your hand at making it at home.


What other types of coffee can I try in Hanoi?
Hanoi is renowned for its diverse coffee culture, offering a wide range of traditional Vietnamese coffee drinks as well as international favorites like cappuccinos and lattes. Be sure to explore the menu at different cafes to discover new and exciting flavours.

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