The Shopaholic’s Guide to Dubai: Unique Finds and Where to Get Them

Delna Shobi

April 17, 2024

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Dubai is well-known for its shopping tourism because it is the centre of upscale and luxurious retail malls. Dubai, a global city situated on the Arabian Peninsula, claims to be the hub of Western Asia’s business community. A few of the many attractions that draw tourists to Dubai like swarms of flies are skyscrapers kissing the clouds, the newest and most opulent cars cruising the bustling streets, flashy lights, a vibrant nightlife, and an abundance of shopping centres ranging from local souqs to glitzy shopping malls.

“Discover all that’s possible” is Dubai’s official tourism tagline, which couldn’t be more appropriate for the city. Dream big, and Dubai has everything you’re looking for. This city has a market of that size worldwide. Every year, the extravagant Dubai Shopping Festival, which spans more than a month, may fulfil the most extravagant desires of any shopaholic by providing an unmatched experience and bags full of souvenirs to bring back from this fantastic city.

Unique Spots in Dubai - Malls, souqs and more

Dubai has no boundaries. In the City of Gold, you may see the future, touch the sky, and have endless excitement. Its distinctive fusion of fashion and culture makes it a shopper’s paradise. Are you pursuing luxury? You understand. On a tight budget? Not an issue. Dubai can adapt to your shopping preferences and assist you in bringing the souvenirs that you desire home.

Dubai is known for its shopping, and the city is filled with both traditional marketplaces and shopping centres. Dubai is the ideal destination for anyone searching for an endless shopping heaven. You may find anything and everything here at some of the top shopping destinations on Earth, which is this city. Dubai offers various apparel options, from high-street brands at reasonable prices to opulent designer names.

It is understandable why the Dubai Mall is one of the most well-liked retail locations in the city. With around 1200 businesses, this enormous mall is among the biggest in the world. You could easily spend an entire day here without becoming bored because it has an aquarium, an ice rink, and a movie theatre.

It is understandable why the Dubai Mall is one of the most well-liked retail locations in the city. With around 1200 businesses, this enormous mall is among the biggest in the world. You could easily spend an entire day here without becoming bored because it has an aquarium, an ice rink, and a movie theatre.

Unique Finds in the City of Dubai

It can be easy and challenging to decide on the ideal souvenir to bring home from a large retail mall like Dubai. A floating carpet, a Rolex watch, or a few jewels, perhaps… While they might all eventually last, they all have costs. Here are several traditional, unique finds in the city that are also noticeably more shopper-friendly.

Fresh & Sweet Dubai Dates

Good food, travellers! Savour the chewy, sweet, and exotic Dubai dates—one of the most well-known items to purchase in Dubai. As a guest, you will be offered these delectable dates wherever you go in Dubai. Not to mention the taste, these are unmatched regarding nutrients and health benefits. One of the most popular items in Dubai is dates, which are available at supermarkets, shopping centres, souks, and even the airport.

If you’re searching to buy something from Dubai to India, the most excellent option is dates. Almost 200 different types of dates are available in the “City Of Gold,” each with a distinct flavour, colour, and size. Al Barakah and Bateel dates are among India’s most popular date brands.


Dubai Gold Jewelry

Anyone thinking about Dubai will instantly think of gold. This metropolis has gold souks, gold ATMs, golden buildings, and even gold-plated food. Therefore, picking out a piece of gold jewellery to wear when visiting Dubai makes perfect sense. In particular, gold is typically substantially less expensive here than in most other big cities. Deciding may take a long time because the jewellery designs here vary. Remember to haggle for the most terrific deal as well.


Where to buy

Dubai Gold Souk: 3rd floor, Gold Souq, Deira, Dubai, United Arab Emirates; address: Gold Corner Building.

Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Quoz, Al Quoz Industrial Area 3, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is the address of Gold and Diamond Park.


Oudh and Bakhoor

If you enjoy the unique smells you can catch on the streets of Dubai and want to bring them home, the best option is Oudh or Bakhoor agarwood chips and oil. Oudh is an exclusive aromatic oil derived from the resin of agarwood from the wood of the Southeast Asian agarwood tree. It is a fragrant oil with an alluring aroma that can be purchased either pure or combined with other flower oils like rose, jasmine, etc.


Where to buy

Are there perfume shops in shopping malls in Deira (Address: Sikkat al Khali—Dubai—United Arab Emirates)?

The address of Dubai Spice Souk is 41 34th St., Deira, Al Ras, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


Camel milk chocolate

Camel Milk Chocolates are among the most delicious things you can get from Dubai; they’re a local speciality you’ll love. Originally accessible only in Dubai, these chocolates are now being delivered throughout Europe and Asia. The original camel chocolates are exclusively available in Al Nassma. Additionally, they have whole milk, macadamia, and spicy (Arabia) camel milk chocolates.


Where to buy

Al Nassma kiosks are located at Dubai Mall, Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, The Palms, Atlantis, and the Duty-free shop.


Kava pots

Kava is the purest form of coffee; a cup is delicious. Locals enjoy their coffee strong and dark like this. Arabic society places great importance on this coffee served in sophisticated pots and cups. Kava coffee pots are usually lined with silver or gold, the most expensive ones being set with semiprecious stones.

Additionally, these are lovely gifts and souvenirs to bring back from Dubai. This is among the most well-known items to purchase in Dubai.


Where to buy

Financial Centre Road, Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai, Near Burj Khalifa

Shopping in Dubai with Thrillark | World's Largest Mall, Souks & Kid-Friendly Activities

Dubai is a great place to shop for the true shopaholic, with the largest mall in the world and a plethora of outdoor bazaar-style marketplaces. This city is renowned for having the ideal blend of internationally famous department stores, designer-label goods, and traditional Persian goods. Gifts, fine jewellery, clothing, gadgets, home furnishings, and unusual foods and ingredients can all be found cheaply. There’s an annual shopping festival where locals and visitors can enjoy exclusive offers!

Visit the Thrillark website for more offers and information.


What makes Dubai a shopping paradise?

Dubai offers a unique shopping experience with its diverse malls, souks, and boutiques, catering to all tastes and budgets. From luxury brands to traditional markets, there’s something for everyone.


What are some unique items to buy in Dubai?

Dubai is known for its gold jewellery, traditional Arabic perfumes (attars), intricate carpets, spices, and handmade textiles. Visitors can also find modern fashion, electronics, and artwork.


Where can I find traditional souvenirs in Dubai?

Traditional souvenirs can be found in Dubai’s historic souks, such as the Gold Souk for gold and jewellery, the Spice Souk for spices and herbs, and the Textile Souk for fabrics and clothing.


What are the best malls for luxury shopping in Dubai?

Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, and The Dubai Mall are renowned for their luxury boutiques, designer stores, and flagship outlets of international fashion brands.


Are there any budget-friendly shopping options in Dubai?

Yes, visitors can find budget-friendly shopping options at outlets like Dragon Mart, Outlet Village, and Global Village, offering discounted prices on various products.

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