Exploring the Sweet Delights: Top 10 Places to Experience Authentic Turkish Ice Cream in Dubai

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March 2, 2024

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Who doesn’t love Turkish ice cream? Everyone does, right? As we all know, Dubai is a special place for its cultural cuisines. One among those is Turkish ice cream! The playful and engaging manner of serving Turkish ice cream has turned it into somewhat of a tourist attraction. Visitors often seek out these ice cream shops not just for the taste but also for the entertainment value.

Dubai prides itself on offering a wide range of international cuisines. Turkish ice cream has found its place among these diverse offerings, contributing to the city’s culinary richness. If you are in Dubai and are looking for some amazing places to explore Turkish ice creams, this blog is for you!

Top 10 Places to Experience Authentic Turkish Ice Cream in Dubai:

1.   Mado

One of the popular destinations for experiencing Turkish ice cream in Dubai is the Mado. This place is quite famous due to so many factors:

  • Quality: Mado is an excellent spot for high-quality ice creams with rich and unique taste. The ingredients used here make the taste even more yummier!
  • Recipe: The recipe used here is often traditional and has been used since the beginning. The locals and tourists have always been fans of this traditional recipe in Mado. The authentic taste is top-notch!
  • The flavors: Flavors also play a major role in making the place quite popular. In Mado, you will find a variety of flavors in both classic and innovative ways, making customers crowd in front of the shop.
  • Customer service is the priority! One reason Mado is popular in its own way is that the servers entertain and get along with the customers well.
  • Brands all around: Mado has a considerable fan base worldwide. Yes! Mado is not just in Turkey but also spotted internationally, making it easier for people to access.

2. Simit Sarayı

  • Presentation: Simit Sarayı is known for various reasons, mainly the presentation and styling skills. The servers entertain customers with many tricks while serving the ice cream, giving the customers a memorable and interactive experience.
  • Quality and variety: Simit Sarayı always provides high-quality ice creams and has a lot of flavours for people to choose from.
  • Complementing menu: Simit Sarayı’s complementing menu offers a wide range of menu items, such as simit, pastries, and other delicacies that accompany Turkish ice cream.

3. Karaköy Güllüoğlu

  • Traditional recipe and preparation: Karaköy Güllüoğlu is also known for the traditional preparation methods. The recipe used in Karaköy Güllüoğlu is a traditional one that people love!
  • Location and ambience: Karaköy Güllüoğlu has many outlets in and around the country. In peak areas and tourist-friendly spots, Karaköy Güllüoğlu will be there! This might be their strategy for attracting people, but it is also a great customer advantage.

4. Bakdash

  • Traditional recipe: Bakdash’s Turkish ice cream stands out for its unique conventional recipe. This spot has been a go-to for so many locals and tourists for the recipe itself!
  • Texture: The Bakdash Turkish ice cream is chewier and thicker, making it more likeable for people. The salep ingredient makes the texture like this, becoming people’s favourite.
  • Cultural significance: Bakdash is a common attraction for both locals and tourists. One of the main reasons why people are crowded in Bakdash is that the place itself has a history that speaks for itself.

5. Saray Sultan

  • Location: Saray Sultan is famous for its location. The outlets are one of the main reasons for its growing popularity. The pleasant atmosphere and the cosy seating in Saray Sultan are just unique! Anyone who visits this place will like it!
  • Word of mouth: Saray Sultan has been building its respiration for a better future over the years. The review, feedback and word-of-mouth strategies have brought Saray Sultan to a more incredible place in the food industry and people’s hearts.
  • Tradition: Saray Sultan aims at the traditional recipes, attracting people to the dishes.

6. Hafız Mustafa 1864

Hafız Mustafa 1864 is another famous spot in Dubai, known for its delicious Turkish ice creams.

  • Authenticity: Hafız Mustafa 1864 aims to provide people with high-quality ice creams. Their authentic taste makes people return to Hafız Mustafa 1864!
  • Quality: Hafız Mustafa 1864 serves traditional texture ice creams with the best quality.
  • Presentation: Hafız Mustafa 1864, apart from its tastes, is well-known for its presentation styles and customer engagements. Their entertaining way of serving ice cream, like the stretchy presentation when the vendor plays tricks on the customer while giving the ice cream, makes people enjoy the experience.
  • Heritage: The history of Hafız Mustafa began in 1864. Since then, history has continued to showcase the best Turkish ice creams.

7. Sultan Baba Iskender

Sultan Baba Iskender is quite famous for its authentic Turkish ice cream.

  • Unique Texture: Sultan Baba Iskender has its reasons for being famous. Their unique ice cream textures are one among those! Their ice creams are made of Salep. Salep is made from wild orchid roots, making the texture of the ice cream look and taste delicious.
  • Ingredients: Fresh milk and other traditional flavours, like fruit syrups, add to the taste of Turkish ice cream. The quality of ice cream in Sultan Baba Iskender makes people fall in love with the place!
  • Tourist attraction: Sultan Baba Iskender is not only a favourite spot for locals but also a tourist attraction for foreign tourists. The vendors here always carry out a performance, entertaining people around. The vendor flips and twirls the ice cream, aiming to entertain people.

8. Hurrem's Turkish Ice Cream

  • Consistency: Consistency is the key to success, especially in the food industry. Hurrem is known for its consistent taste in Turkish ice cream. Customers believe in Hurrem for its amazing service and consistent taste.
  • Flavours: Hurrem is a popular Turkish ice cream spot for many reasons, one of which is the various flavours. The traditional flavour options are an advantage to both customers and Hurrem.
  • Authentic way to attract people: Hurrem is famous for its authentic taste of Turkish ice creams. Ingredients like salep and mastic add to the taste, making people like Hurrem more.
  • Positive experience: Hurrem has an excellent population that has given positive feedback. From being friendly to entertaining people, Hurrem has entered the food industry!
  • Locations: Hurrem has many branches. It also has a very good strategy for choosing the locations, like busy areas, where people see it more often. Hence, Hurrem has a wider audience!

9. Bakdash

Bakdash is a famous landmark in Dubai known for its unique Turkish ice cream. This place’s heritage is astounding!

  • Cultural heritage: Bakdash reflects Damascus’s cultural heritage, offering Turkish ice cream as a symbol of local and traditional pride.
  • History: Bakdash uses a special method of traditional Syrian recipe that has been an authentic way of cooking for centuries. Generations have passed, but Bakdash has been at the top by providing its traditional recipe to people.
  • Ingredients: Bakdash used high-quality ingredients, including mastic resin and salep flour from orchid tubers. The uniqueness of the flavours makes people wonder and visit again!

10. Al Hamsa Istanbuli Restaurant

Al Hamsa Istanbul Restaurant might be famous for Turkish ice cream due to several reasons:

  • Quality: Al Hamsa Istanbul Restaurant has been a familiar spot for Turkish ice cream for so long. One of the main reasons for this is the quality of the food. When it comes to quality, there is no giving up, right? If you are in Dubai, visit the Al Hamsa Istanbul Restaurant for some of the best Turkish ice creams.
  • Ambience and atmosphere: Al Hamsa Istanbul Restaurant has an elegant ambience, and the setting makes the place look outstanding. People walking into Al Hamsa Istanbul Restaurant never leave this place without a positive and blissful experience.
  • Experience: Al Hamsa Istanbul Restaurant still stands out as one of the best spots in Dubai because of its experience. The vendors aim to entertain the customers and make them happy when they are inside the restaurant, increasing its popularity.

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Why is Turkish ice cream unique?

The hard and melting textures make Turkish ice cream unique. Ingredients like salep add to the taste of the ice cream.


What is the taste of Turkish ice cream?

Turkish ice cream is a mixture of an earthy flavour, a piney flavour and some nuttiness. Overall, the taste of the ice cream is sweet and aromatic!


Why does Turkish ice cream feel sticky?

The presence of the Salep ingredient is the reason for its stickiness, as it is a part of the Wild orchid root.


Are Turkish ice cream and normal ice cream the same?

No. Turkish ice cream stands out from the normal ice creams in so many ways like, the chewy and stretchy presence.

What is the other name for Turkish ice cream?

Turkish ice cream is popularly known as the Dondurma

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