The Best Places To Go Snorkeling In The UAE

Delna Shobi

June 13, 2024

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Submerge yourself in a universe that is far more captivating than our own! In a nutshell, diving is that. People who have been diving and scuba diving for a while understand precisely what we mean. If you ask them, they will tell you about the wonders of the sea and the enchantment they feel when they are near water! If that describes you, you should visit the United Arab Emirates! Why? In addition to the various activities like hot air balloon flights, staycations at desert resorts, skydiving, and camping, this location boasts some of the best spots for scuba diving and snorkelling. In our article, we will introduce some of these locations and provide you with additional information about them.

Where in Dubai are the greatest spots to go snorkelling?

For those who wish to snorkel in a natural setting while visiting Dubai, a day trip to the Gulf of Oman is a great choice. This 8-hour snorkelling tour off the coast of Fujairah includes transportation to and from Dubai, a boat trip and snorkelling at an island. Consider this package offer, which provides for full-day use of kayaks, SUPs, snorkelling equipment, and guidance from local guides if you are organising your travel to Fujairah. The Musandam Peninsula in Oman is yet another popular location. This full-day tour, which includes two snorkelling stops, a picturesque drive, and a dhow sail from Dibba, is an option for those who require transportation from Dubai. If you have more time in Khasab, consider taking advantage of this 6-hour dhow tour, which includes snorkelling and dolphin viewing, to the Khor Sham fjord.

1.Ambassador Lagoon

The premier snorkelling location in Dubai is an incredible experience. Situated on Palm Jumeirah Island, the most oversized artificial island globally, the Ambassador’s Lagoon is a spacious outdoor aquarium modelled after the vanished city of Atlantis. Visitors can swim with hundreds of vibrant marine species, sharks, and rays while viewing the “ruins” of Atlantis far below, all under the supervision of a qualified expert. You will surely see something fascinating with 65,000 marine species living in the lagoon.

2.Dubai Underwater Zoo and Aquarium

The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, another of the city-state’s top aquatic attractions, is home to about 70 marine species, including 300 sharks and rays. Daring snorkelers are welcome to get up close and personal with the magnificent predators from the security of an underwater cage. For those with weaker constitutions, there is the option of a guided wreck tour and more amiable marine creatures, such as clownfish and starfish.

3. The Fujairah

Fujairah’s ideal location in the Gulf of Oman offers the best snorkelling in the United Arab Emirates. Reaching the Emirates is easy from Dubai’s city core; numerous tour companies provide round-trip transportation and guided tours. The seas here are abundant in marine life and teeming with vibrant coral reefs. Look for porpoises, sea cows, dolphins, and turtles playing around.

4.The Musandam Peninsula

Snorkelers and scuba divers will find the Musandam Peninsula well worth the trip from Dubai. A wealth of marine species is hidden along the untamed and isolated shoreline. Musandam is a diver’s paradise with beautiful fjords and crystal-clear blue waters. Sharks, turtles, and dolphins are among the marine creatures that call the waters home. Musandam’s marine conditions are perfect for both inexperienced and seasoned divers. Scuba divers with more experience can explore the deeper waters for captivating underwater adventures.

5.The Underwater Zoo and Aquarium in Dubai

The Dubai Aquarium offers the extra benefit of snorkelling close to various marine species in a safe cage environment, including predators like sharks. It is located in the city, inside a mall on Doha Street. The largest aquarium in the world, with over 70 aquatic species, is housed in this indoor underwater zoo. Among them are 300 stingrays and sharks.

Four of you can enter a submerged cage with just a snorkel ear. Under-eight-year-olds are not permitted in. Similar to an astronaut’s gear, diving helmetearneded to enable snorkelers to breathe unhindered under threat. This suit is advised if you have difficulty breathing through the snorkelling mask.

6.Khor Fakkan, Sharjah

About two hours drive from Dubai is the coastal hamlet of Khor Fakkan, a scuba diving hotspot in the Sharjah emirate. Surfers and divers can visit both locations in one trip because Fujairah and this location on the Gulf of Oman are close. You can see sharks, rays, turtles, and fish near the sandy beaches. However, if you take a boat ride or paddle out to some offshore locations with shallow coral reefs, you’ll have the best snorkelling experience. For instance, Martini Rock is a well-liked diving spot that is appropriate for snorkelers. Outfitters such as Al Boom Diving can arrange trips that take you to multiple locations. Snorkelling fans will find an underwater paradise on Dubai’s immaculate beaches, only a short distance from the busy central business district. Every beach offers a different snorkelling experience, whether for the lively JBR beach, the serene Kite and North beaches with amazing sunsets, or the hospitable La Mer Beach. In addition to its fantastic coral reefs, Al Mamzar Beach offers a wide variety of activities to enhance your journey. If you want privacy, Jumeirah Beach Park has dedicated days for women and kids.

The best locations to stay

There are many different hotels in Dubai from which to pick while visiting. The Palm, an excellent option for families and couples, is on Palm Jumeirah Island in Atlantis. The five-star resort offers easy access to Ambassador Lagoon snorkelling and the Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark, along with stunning views of the Arabian Gulf. Those who like to immerse themselves in the opulent lifestyle of Dubai should book a stay at the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah. With expansive views of the Arabian Gulf, this well-known hotel is among the tallest in the world. At Wild Wadi Waterpark, visitors may use two stunning swimming pools, a private beach, and unrestricted access to water sports. Budget-conscious tourists might consider staying at Dubai Media City’s Media One Hotel. The 4-star hotel is adjacent to the Palm Jumeirah and the Dubai Marina, offering convenient access to beaches, city tours, sightseeing, and other activities.

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